Confident Canines

Do you have a dog who is a little worried by new situations?  Would you like to be able to take him / her to training classes, however, know that there is no what that  they s/he would cope in a normal class environment?

Then these classes are for you?

Our Confident Canine classes are small in size (3-4 dogs) and focus on teaching your dog calm, relaxing, behaviours before then exploring new and novel play equipment - all in a fun and force free manner.

Helen and Correna both have experience of owning and working with nervous dogs, as well as both being trained in Reiki and various other therapies which can benefit the anxious dog.

There is a pre class assessment in your home and then 6 classes in the group setting.

These classes are £135, including your deluxe welcome pack and 2 months free access to our App, which should be live from September 2017.

If you decide to do a second round of the Confident Canine classes, they are £90 for 6 weeks.  In the second round of classes you may want to start focusing more on obedience, within the safety of the Confident Canine class.