We are proud to offer force free, reward based, behaviour consultations and one to one training in Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding areas.

Having owned challenging dogs, we understand what it is like to live with a dog with behavioural and training needs and we aim to help and support you through this time.

This service is mainly provided by Behaviourists Helen and Sophie, although trainer Correna may hold one to one sessions where relevant to her skill set and location.

Helen has been training dogs professionally for over a decade, including working as an Assistant Manager of a Dog Rescue and most recently as Behaviourist at Cheltenham Animal Shelter, therefore has experience of working with a wide range of breeds and behavioural issues - including aggression.

Helen is a trained Reiki Teacher and Kinesiologist, for people, and has successfully incorporated these therapies into behaviour consults where the owners anxieties have had an impact on the behaviour of the dog.  

Sophie is also able to offer Behaviour consults and, with a Masters qualification, may suit those who would like a more standard approach.

Being both trained in Reiki, Helen and Correna find their calm, grounded approach is of great benefit when working with nervous and rescued dogs.  Although the initial Behaviour Consult is carried out by Behaviourists Helen or Sophie, we may occasionally ask Trainer Correna to do the follow up session depending on location and skill set needed.

Our approach is based on time, patience and working at the best pace for each individual dog.

We are here to guide and support you through your dogs rehabilitation.


"Helen has an exceptional talent to help animals and their guardians to heal, regain confidence and maintain optimal health. She has a unique and wonderful understanding of animals and their needs.

If the animal appears to have a behavioural issue, Helen is able to pinpoint and heal the cause - paving the way for a more loving and understanding partnership between the animal and their guardian. Thank you Helen! I can't recommend you enough for all that you do!" ~ Misty & the terriers :)

Behaviour Consultation, Dog to Dog Reactivity.

"Helen has helped me with training and explained in a manner that my husband and I can better understand our dogs struggling behaviour problem and therefore we are better equipped to help her.

All other trainers in the past just put her under more stress and added to her problem and so she suffered in silence.

Please, please, hand on heart I wish Helen was here years ago when I had my first dog as she would have saved me a lot of guilt.  Please be careful of the dog trainers you pick."

Lydia & Cahira (Beagle)

Specialist Dog Training

Dog AID Training 
Dog AID is the only charity in the UK which is authorised to train pet dogs to become full assistance dogs under Assistance Dogs UK.

Please contact Dog AID if you feel that you meet the criteria. 

Fantastic Fido Sessions
Please note: If you want a dog which you can take into locations that pet dogs cannot go, you will need to train your dog through Dog AID.  These sessions are for those whose dogs may not be suitable (e.g. due to age) or are not eligible themselves to train through Dog AID but would like to teach some behaviours for around the house and in public places where pet dogs are allowed.
Initial Consultation £80*
Follow Up Sessions £40
Block of 4 classes £120 
Examples of clients include:
  • School Reading and Therapy Dogs
  • Autistic Child Support Pet Dog Training
  • Home Assistance Dog Training
* = If not had our private puppy or beginner training

Private Training Sessions

Our deluxe welcome packs which include a satchel, treat pouch, clicker, poo backs, treats and food samples, plus lots of useful handouts and information leaflets which relate to the information that we cover during the initial session  (Contents may vary slightly)

Initial Session 

  • £90  
This includes 2 hours private training, a deluxe welcome pack and £10 off a private block booking or £5 off classes if booked within 3 months.  We will send you an email after the session to remind you of what we covered and you will also be given access to the client Facebook group and client page on the website.
If required, you are also entitled to a 30 minute Skype consult.

After the initial session, we will help you decide the best path forward for you and your dog.  This may be group classes, further private training, a holistic therapy session, or other path.

Further Sessions

  • £40 for 1-1.5 hours
  • or £120 for 4 sessions 
If you live over 10 miles away from the trainer there is a mileage fee as follows:  
  • 11-15 miles = £5
  • 16-20 miles = £10
  • 21-25 miles = £15
Mileage is calculated using Google Maps.

Beginner Courses - 5 months old +

We offer our Beginner Initial Classes in a one to one format to optimise learning and minimise stress for both you and your dog.  You get all of our attention and assistance to help you ensure the best start for your dog.

Having private classes does not mean that your dog will be missing out on socialisation, we will simply be doing it in a controlled, safe, and beneficial way.

These sessions add on to what you learnt during your initial session and work towards the APDT Good Companion Beginner Award (blue rosette).
Please note: This course is a follow on from the initial private session.

Topics covered  in Beginner Classes include:

  • Responding to name
  • Default Behaviour / Self Control
  • Settle
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Come when called
  • Handling
  • Wait
  • Play biting
  • House training
  • Preventing jumping up
  • Socialisation and how to prevent the world seeming like a scary place
  • Appropriate play with other dogs
  • Preventing future behaviour problems.
Sessions take place in your home to start with (sessions 1-3) and then we take the skills learnt to the park and a pub of cafe situation (sessions 4-6).

Private Beginner Course cost £200 for and includes:

  1. A 30 minute Skype consult if required.
  2. 6 x 60-90 minute training sessions in your home, park or other suitable venue.
  3. Log on to Client Page resources
  4. Certificate of Attendance / APDT Good Companion Award and Rosette (if passed)
  5. 12 weeks email support
  6. A client only Facebook Group for support and information sharing.
  7. 2 Social Walks (one in a secure paddock)
  8. 10% off Progression Classes if continuing straight on.

Rescue Dog Packages 

Please contact us for further information about how we can best help your rescue dog.

Behaviour Consults 

Behaviour modification is never a quick process.  

The initial Behaviour Consult involves about 6 hours work for the Behaviourist, however many more hours of hard work and dedication will be needed from the owners to support their dog through the healing journey.

Just as you are there to support your dog, we are here to support you.  We have been where you are now - we understand how hard it can be.

Do I need a 1-2-1 session or Behaviour Consult?

A lot of people get confused about what comes under the realms of "trainer" and "behaviourist", quite understandably as often the two job roles cross over.  A good dog trainer will have a solid understanding of canine behaviour issues, although to work as a Canine Behaviourist a HE qualification is required - especially if registering with an ABTC registered organisation.  

Quite often, insurance companies will only pay out for behaviour consults with behaviourists who are resisted with an ABTC organisation - this may be something that you need to consider.

So, which do you need?  A training session covers problems such as house training, recall, jumping up, basic obedience, and loose lead walking.  A trainer will have a chat to you about what you have tried so far and show you some new methods.  A behaviour consult on the other hand is to address problems with an emotional base.  It may be aggression to dogs or people, resource guarding, separation anxiety, destructive behaviours, repetitive / OCD type behaviours (chasing their tail or lights), chasing cars / bikes / animals or any other fear based problems.

A  behaviour consult begins with a enhanced behaviour questionnaire and requesting that you visit your vets for a health check.  The Behaviourist will then come to your home, ask more questions, observe your dog and give you both management and modification tasks to work on.  Helen's behaviour consults include holistic therapies for dog and owner if she feels that it would be beneficial.

After the initial consult, you will receive a behavioural report, and a follow up visit on an arranged date to see how things are going and how to progress them.  Each Behaviourist will offer slightly different support and follow up packages.

If you were to book a One to One session when a Behaviour consult was needed, the Behaviourist would most likely discuss issues as per a normal one to one initial session and give you some management advice.  You would then need to book a behaviour consult after seeking veterinary permission and completing the enhanced behaviour questionnaire.  Depending on the Behaviourist, you may be offered a discount on the Behaviour Consult session.
Our behaviour consults are provided under our own individual behaviour business, rather than NCC.  We may, however, suggest some of the NCC services as part of the behaviour modification plan.

With Helen

Holistic Behaviour Consult:  £180


  • Two to Three hour consult
  • 60-90 minute follow up session
  • Holistic therapies if required
  • Client and Vet Report
  • 6 months follow up support via email 
  • 3 30 minute Skype follow ups if required
  • Access to client page of the website with lots of useful resources.
Additional mileage charges may apply for consultations more than 25 miles from Abbeymead, Gloucester.

With Sophie

Dog consultation: £180


  • Three home visits
  • Client and vet reports
  • 6 months follow-up support via phone and email
  • written instructions for all training exercises.

Further follow-up visits: £45

Additional mileage charges may apply for consultations more than 20 miles from Cheltenham.

Please note: We both request that your dog has a veterinary check up, especially if the behaviour problem has started suddenly, as health conditions can have a huge impact on behaviour.  

We also request that you ask your vet for permission for the behaviour consult to go ahead, as per the Veterinary Act 1966, especially as Helen uses holistic therapies if needed.