Reactive Rover Classes

Having a dog which reacts with signs of aggression can make life hell - for you, for your dog and for those around him.  You want to help your dog, you just don't know what else to try..........we are here to help.

We work with you over 7 sessions to teach you why your dog behaves like he does, enabling you to develop a deeper understanding of the often fear based behaviour.
We teach you a combination of both management and modification techniques whilst working within a safe environment.

Step 1: Attend an assessment session / have a private training session. 
Step 2: Attend an induction session, without dogs, to discuss canine behaviour and the class structure.
Step 3: Attend the 6 practical classes which will be:
  • 1 week with your dog,
  • 1 week without your dog observing body language,
  • 1 week with your dog,
  • 1 week without your dog observing body language
  • 1 week with your dog
  • 1 week with your dog
Step 4: Join us on some social walks out in the "real" world.

All of our trainers and behaviourists have had experience of owning and working with reactive dogs and we are here to offer our help, support and guidance bases on both academic and personal knowledge and experience.

The investment of these classes is only £230 or £210 if you do not need to attend the assessment session.

The social walks are FREE once you have completed your training and you are also provided with access to our client page on the website which has lots of useful resources.

There are only 4 dogs per class and classes are currently based in Cheltenham.  The next intake will be in June, with the assessment session prior to that.