We have, potentially, 3 slots available for Behaviour Consults and Initial 1-2-1 Sessions before we break up for Christmas.  After that we will start back on Monday 7th January. 

Currently, we only know that there will be 6 available days for Behavioural or Initial 1-2-1 Slots between the New Year and Easter.  Due to this, we are opening up 2 consults per day.  As soon as we know more, this will be updated.

See below for dates available.

There are, currently, only 3 slots available for our Perfect Puppy courses. 

This is due to most clients continuing with us until their puppy is at least 18 months of age. 

See below for available dates.

We are now taking bookings for our Reactive Rover classes, which will take place in North Tewkesbury.

There are currently 3 places available.

The course starts on Friday 25th January, however, an assessment in your home is required before this date.


Our private training sessions and behaviour consultations are approximately 2 hours long and help you to understand your dogs behaviour and how carry out training and/or behaviour modification with your dog.  Training sessions are for basic training needs, behaviour consults are for modifying behaviours with an emotional basis.

Please check to ensure that your desired slot is available, the website isn't always updated for several days after bookings have been made.

When a slot is reserved, it may still become available as we only hold a space for 7 days for payment to be received.  Please feel free to ask to be contacted if the space does become available again.

Please get in touch:  hello@naturallyclevercanines.co.uk or text: 07749348742  


  1. 7th January: 10am
  2. 7th January: 2pm
  3. 14th January: 10am
  4. 14th January: 2pm


  1. 18th December: 2pm - Reserved
  2. 8th January: 10am
  3. 8th January: 2pm
  4. 15th January: 2pm


  1. 9th January: 10am
  2. 9th January: 2pm
  3. 16th January: 10am
  4. 16th January: 2pm


  1. 22nd December: 10am - Reserved
  2. 5th January: 10am
  3. 5th January: 2pm

Private Puppy Training COURSES 

Our Private "Perfect Puppy" courses are designed to help guide and support owners through the first 18 months of life.  As we offer private training, we can start the sessions from 8 weeks of age.

The currently available slots are: 

  1. Thursday 10th January - 10am
  2. Friday 11th January - 10am 
  3. Saturday 12th January - 10am 

Afternoon sessions for these days have all been provisionally booked, subject to deposits being received.

Please do get in touch to be placed on our waiting list, should a space become available.

If we can open up any further sessions, they will be added over the holiday period.

Please note: The Perfect Puppy Course is for puppies aged under 20 weeks, however, we recommend starting as soon as possible, as puppies are most receptive to the socialisation and habituation exercises before 16 weeks of age.


If you are planning on getting a puppy, why not get in touch in advance to get off with a head start?  This can be a consult by phone or Skype.

This service is only £40 and, if you wish to become one of our Perfect Puppy clients, you will receive £10 off the private training course.


Helen is a Reiki Master / Trainer for People and Animals and is a verified member of The Reiki Council and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

She has seen the benefits of Reiki when used with pets, in rescue centres and with owners and is passionate about teaching more people to use Reiki in their daily life.


We hold up to 4 Reiki One courses per year.

Courses are now based in Romsley, however, she is willing to travel for a group of students.

Please see Eventbrite for available courses.


We hold 2 Reiki Two courses per year.

Courses are now based in Romsley, however, she is willing to travel for a group of students.

Please see Eventbrite for available courses.

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