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New Classes!

Would you like to try out a new dog activity?  If so, why not join us for our new 5 week Parkour for beginners course.

The first 3 sessions will take place in Holt Heath, at the secure paddock, and the final two will be out and about. It will be £75 for the 5 sessions and you will be added to the Facebook group too. After this you can attend any of the individual Parkour orientated meet ups that I hold.

Dates are: Thursday 6th, 13th and 20th June at the paddock Thursday 27th June and 4th July out and about (we will decide between us)

Dogs need to be reasonably happy around other dogs but there should be a certain amount of ability to work with dogs that just need a little space (don't like other dogs in their face) providing that you can manage comfortably when we go out and about. It is not suitable for dogs who are reactive.

DATES FOR course INTAKES and behaviour Consult slots CAN NOW BE FOUND ON THE Course and Workshop Diary PAGE.



Attendees of the fundraising talk, below, said that they would like a more in depth talk on canine cognition and emotions, so I am planning on writing a talk to present after Easter.

If you would be interested in attending, please email: to be put on the list.

It will most likely be £25 per person, to include refreshments.  Located in Stoke Prior or Wychbold.


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