Sometimes we find that dog owners need advice that can be answered via a phone or Skype consult, rather than needing a whole 2 hour practical session.  This may be advice on house training, teaching the new dog or puppy to be left at night, or anything else they have questions on.

It is also a great way to support client with Separation Anxiety dogs, who don't require training in person but advice remotely by sending video clips.  These online / phone consultations aren't suitable for dogs with reactivity issues, unless an in person behaviour consultation has taken place and we agree that it would be a suitable method of ongoing support.

So if you,

  • need pre-puppy advice,
  • live too far away,
  • work long 12 hour shifts,
  • need advice or ongoing support with a problem that doesn't require practical training,

then this is the option for you!

UP TO 30 MINUTES Only£20

Up to 60 minutes

ONLY £30

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