The dates of this course are:  

  • Assessment session: 5th July
  • Session 1: 19th July   
  • Session 2: 26th July  
  • Session 3: 2nd August
  • Session 4: 9th August   
  • Session 5: 16th August  
  • Session 6: Saturday TBC - Social Walk with previous clients in a secure paddock.       

Do you have a dog who gets worried or over reactive around other dogs? Do you wish that you had more skills to deal with this behaviour? If so, this is the course for you.

Our Reactive Rover course provides clients with our online support and videos alongside practical sessions with our qualified team, in a small, well managed group in a private setting. There are usually at least 3 trainers per 4 dogs (subject to any emergency situations).

How do you enrol to these specialist classes?

  1. Fill in a behaviour questionnaire and attend the vets for a medical appointment to rule out any medical or pain related cause for the reactivity.
  2. Have an assessment session in your home, where you will also be shown some pre class exercises to learn.
  3. Attend an assessment sessions with a stooge dog to allow us to see if the venue is suitable for your dogs needs.
  4. Attend 4 group training sessions to learn and refine your skills and communication with your dog.
  5. Attend 2 group social walks. One will be with just your training group and the other will be open to previous clients - taking your training to the next level.

We hold 2 of these courses per year, with classes taking place in North Worcester and, currently, N.Tewkesbury. This is the only indoor course.

A second option is available for an 8-9pm class, however, a minimim of 3 dogs per class is required.


I attended Reactive Rover Classes with my dog Rosco in 2016 as he was reacting towards other dogs while out on a walk. We have now progressed to attending group training classes within a hall environment and our relationship has definitely grown. He is a now a pleasure to walk.

Katy and Rosco, Cheltenham 2016 course.

ONLY £360

For the whole course:

6 Group Sesisons, 2 Assessment Sessions (1 in your home, 1 at the venue) and ongoing Facebook support group / email support.

This equates to only £45 per session.

We also hold group walks and activity sessions for Reactive Rover clients when there are enough who are able to attend.

Clients who have had previous behaviour consults (reactivity) will have the assessment session, in own home, deducted from the price of the course.

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