Holistic Therapies for you and your dog!

An holistic approach for you and your dog

I first stumbled onto my holistic therapy path in 2009, when I attended a Reiki One course.  Since then I have qualified in several therapies, attended a wide variety of CPD courses, and applied them within my work with dogs in rescue, as well as within my behaviour consults.

I have now split my therapies into four distinct services.  The energy options are available for both pets and owners, while the Touch for Health is available for pet owners, or the general public.

I spent quite a while feeling confused how to explain what I did in regard to animal therapy, however, I think it has finally come to me.  I am now offering Synergistic Animal Behaviour Therapy, working with you and your dog to create fantastic results. 

Stand alone sessions are currently £40 and, apart from the distance energy work option, are carried out in your own home. Mileage fees may apply depending on location.  Synergetic Animal Behaviour sessions are currently the same price as the standard behaviour consultations.  Training course prices will be on each different course information page and may be venue dependant. 

If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself, I offer training from Reiki Level One to Master/Teacher level.  I have also designed a modified version of the level one course for children aged 8 to 12 years old, which I have named Rainbow Reiki.  Please contact me for further information.

Touch for Health Kinesiology

Touch for Health Kinesiology is a client led, hands on, therapy session which combines Eastern and Western techniques.  This can include traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, massage, nutrition, and chiropractic techniques.  The session can be carried out lay down or standing, and is fully clothed. 

Using muscle monitoring, we use the body's innate ability to identify imbalances within the body and discover the route of the problem, not just addressing the symptoms alone.

SYNERGISTIC Animal Behaviour Therapy

Synergistic Animal Behaviour Therapy is a combination of all of my training to give a very holistic approach to animal behaviour problems, looking for the route cause of behaviour problems and related emotions, not just working with the symptoms.

Techniques may include: massage, acupressure, 5 element approaches, nutrition, and energy work, alongside scientific behaviour modification.  There may also be muscle monitoring with the owner, as well as giving them a TfH Kinesiology balance if required.  This can help address owner anxieties about their dogs behaviour problems. 

Reiki and Advanced Energy Work

Reiki is a fantastic, calming, therapy which is often used within the NHS and many animal rescues.  Once seen as "new age" or "hippy", the benefits of Reiki have been scientifically studies, within humans, and can be explained by the use of physics. 

Reiki can be carried out with hands on or off a client, or even at a distance.  During a session the client can be lay down or sat and the sessions are fully clothed.

Occasionally, crystals and other "healing tools" such as sound therapy may be used within a session.

With distance energy work sessions, or "Advanced Energy Balances" as I call them, I use a wider range of techniques, including those from the Chinese 5 elements, whilst sending energy therapy to the client.


Would you like to learn how to help your friends, family, and pets?  Or perhaps you are, or would like to become, a practitioner as a profession?

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I offer Reiki training courses from level one to master level.  I can run these for dogs and people, and do an additional day for those wishing to work with horses.  I also offer a special level 1 course for children aged 8-12 years old.

As well as this, I have written animal behaviour courses for holistic therapists, and an introduction to energy work for animal professionals.  Both of these will be available online, once the new website is launched.

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