Yes, You read that right!

private training for only £15* per session

That is over 50% off a one hour session!

We are looking for clients who would like to work with us in the production of our online courses, by taking part in filming / photography with their dogs.

We will be developing the range of online courses over the next year and will be requiring 4-6 dogs to feature in each.

We require owners who are keen to learn and can be flexible in regards to time and location.

So what will you receive for your £15*? 

Up to 2 hour training sessions, a gift bag with treats, clicker and other training equipment in, complementary access to the course once complete, and not forgetting the fame of your dog being in our course! 

we currently are looking for dogs to take part in the courses below

Perfect Puppy Course

We are looking for 4 puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks at the start of training.

We would ideally like different breeds.

Beginner Course

We are looking for 4 beginner dogs aged 6 months to 2 years at the start of training.

We would ideally like different breeds.

We hope to commence training by early February at the latest.  If you would like to be considered please get in touch.

Filming Enquiry Form

Do you drive?

When are you available for filming?

The £15 per session is for clients living within 5 miles of the trainer.  For clients living further away we ask for 40p per mile, round journey, to cover the additional time and fuel.

Shop for Filming Clients

Please do not purchase until you have confirmed your place with Helen.

Filming Discounted One to One

£ 15 

For clients participating in filming training sessions.


Filming Discounted Session - Block of 6

£ 90 

Payment for 6 discounted fliming sessions.


Additional Mileage

£ 0.40 

For filming clients living over 5 miles from the trainer we ask for 40p per mile (round trip) to cover the additional cost of fuel and time.


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